Black Friday in the USA – delivery in Ukraine included!

Fabulous discounts, up to 90%, for all the groups of goods and delivery of the purchases from the USA are available in Ukraine now! Prices from UAH 12 per package!

Well-known equation of American internet-sales: “big range of goods at low prices with great discounts” picks up strongly in late November.

Online-shops and stores offer 90% discounts for their goods. Do you want a new smartphone? Come on! Good ol’ Converses are broken? Never mind! Take everything and don’t forget about fashionable jeans, new snowboard and, of course, a present for your lovely mommy! There won’t be such prices anymore!

Add to that special delivery proposition from Unitrade Expressand you are completely ready for the great sales!

From Black Friday, November, 25 till Cybermonday, November, 28 there will be global scale sell-out! Christmas gifts, long-awaited purchases for yourself and goods for business – no limits, no rules! Just some little tricks, only for our clients!

So, if you are going to sink back into awaited Black Friday, be patient and make a shopping list in advance (not at the last day!). It will increase your chances to buy the goods you need at the best price.

Sales-off have a duration on seconds, especially in online stores.

Why the USA?

- Open access to the goods, which are not available in Ukraine

- High quality: goods, produced for the USA, much differs from all the goods, available in Ukrainian stores.

- Prices in the USA are much lower than in Ukraine and are free from the retail margins. The purchases become 2-3 times cheaper.

As a result you buy branded goods, which, including delivery in Ukraine will cost 2-3 times cheaper than at any Ukrainian store!

What to buy?

Everything you want. Judging by the discount the most profitable are seasonable goods. Also are electronics – new releases and old devices. When a new model is on the market, all the old models, having the same function characteristics, become much cheaper.

Of course, don’t forget about the auctions such as Ebay, where, for example, iPhone can cost only $200-300.

Besides that, pay your attention to the cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry. Delivery of these purchases in Ukraine is also profitable because of their weigh and dims.

Ordering the goods is only a half of the battle. They must be delivered to Ukraine. And that’s where Unitrade Express comes in. This purchases delivery service will deliver your goods only in 8-10 days. And, if you want, the purchases will be delivered straight to your home. It will cost only from UAH 12.

What Unitrade Express offers in the period of sales-off?

- Delivery of goods from any US stores, which costs from UAH 12*! Ridiculous money for unlimited shopping! No retail bargains in local stores, all the goods are original. At the same time delivery from the USA is much cheaper than in Ukraine.

- Quick delivery from the USA to Ukraine – only 8-10 days from making an order to getting the purchase in Ukraine.

- Only on November, 25 – twenty-four-hour goods reacquisition. At any time in any US online store service managers will take your order and will not let you lose your discount. There is an unwritten rule – the maximal discounts are in the morning and they gradually drop till the evening. Take your chance!

- «Mail forwarding» service – you can make purchases by yourself and use the Unitrade Express’ warehouses in the USA for sending your packages.

Unitrade Express provides complete support of the purchase – from the goods’ search to their delivery to Ukraine, provides expertise. Offices of the company work in Ukraine and the USA.

Carry off your shopping with excellent company Unitrade Express! Enjoy your shopping!

*Fare for 100 g. of the cargo