starts the Lifetime Trade-in program

New service guarantees reacquisition of electronics regardless of its condition and usage time.

It is commonly known, that Trade-in program allows trading in the used device. In practice, electronic devices can not always be traded in. Sometimes bad technical condition and obsolescence don’t allow retailers to trade in.

Now, buying electronics at, clients are privileged with that the Lifetime Trade-in program covers all the goods.

Peculiarity of the new program lies in the warranted reacquisition of electronics in any condition.

“Clients of our network have a special privilege, which they can take any time they wish, - Anna Denisova, director of, said. – It is absolutely new experience for the Ukrainian electronics market, when the Lifetime Trade-in service covers all the commodity life-cycle”.

A client only has to bring the gadget to the store. The experts will make an expertise and change the gadget for the new one. The procedure will take at most 10 minutes.

However, the price difference can reach 60% and the preliminary discount can be calculated on the website.

Anna Denisova says that the LifetimeTrade-in program covers all the devices, bought at Electronics, bought outside the distribution network, is covered by the standard terms of the Trade-in program.