Free shipping of official iPhone 7 from the USA!

This brand-new product will be delivered to Ukrainian customers free of charge in 5 days after the start of sales in the USA.

Only one day is left before presentation of the new iPhone 7. Very soon the world will see a new flagship device from Apple. Right now you can become one of the first lucky owners of this long-awaited phone. invites all Apple enthusiasts to pre-order a new phone today. Please note that the delivery for the first 1000 customers will be free of charge.

"We continue to develop cross-board sales in Ukraine. Thanks to our partners, Ukrainians, SIMULTANEOUSLY with gadget freaks all over the world, will be able to purchase the new iPhone 7 with an official guarantee,” Anna Denisova, head of, says.

It should be noted that all purchases will be made in the official AppleStore through international online retailer MELOFONE, whereas freight charges will be borne by an American office of Unitrade Express.

According to Anna Denisova, the main goal of the campaign is not making a profit, whereas the price of the new smartphone includes only necessary payments: "Our goal is to make cross-board sales in Ukraine publicly available, that’s why we try to offer the lowest price and we want Ukrainians to enjoy all the benefits of international shopping today."

Considering an estimated cost of new iPhone 7 at $650*, customers will only have to pay the following necessary charges:

- 7% - sales tax in the US;

- 33% - customs duties in Ukraine + VAT (for goods worth over 150 Euro);

- 3% - bank charges.

In addition, judging from the experience of selling previous iPhone models, the cost of a new device in Ukraine will be much more expensive than direct purchase in the United States. constantly improves and enhances cross-board trade. Moreover, in addition to iPhone 7 offer, the next step to promotion of cross-border shopping has become an opportunity to purchase appliances and electronics from Europe through the online store This said, the procedure for order placement remained the same, i.e. through the basket, with the waiting time for goods being only 5-7 days.

The main feature of such purchases is the ability to get the goods of European quality, while saving up to 30% of their average price in Ukraine.


* The final price will be known after the official start of sales in the USA