New electronic products and equipment coming in early summer 2016

A list of new gadgets recently available in Ukraine. experts have compiled a list of unusual new products launched in the global market and recently brought to Ukraine.

This selection includes: a 3D laptop, a flagship smartphone, an unusual hoverboard and a professional quadcopter.

HP Spectre x2 – a laptop with a 3D control. Another step towards virtual reality controlled gadgets. The advanced Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera allows device and application control by gesturing in front of a screen.

RealSense™ can easily recognise gestures, tracks users’ emotions and facial expressions. It may be used to log into the system or to launch applications. The camera can scan your face or favourite things pretty easily and then put them into virtual reality.

The new technology is expected to play a key role in such promising things as 3D scanning, printing, and surround sound.

Estimated price: above UAH26,000.

Xiaomi Mi5 Pro smartphone. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi made a right choice by focusing on quality and performance in its products. Currently, the ‘Chinese Apple’ has grown into a serious competitor for the recognised leaders in this segment.

The smartphone incorporates all the cutting-edge technological innovations: the 64-bit OCTA-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB RAM, 16.0MP camera with a 6 element lens, offering a 5312×2988 pixel picture resolution. In addition, the device also houses a fingerprint scanner, NFC, wireless charging, and stylish ceramic body.

The new Xiaomi boasts a number of impressive features, while being significantly cheaper than its competitors.

Estimated price: UAH12,500…13,500.

Xiaomi Ninebot mini hoverboard. An unusual hoverboard is yet another new product offered by Xiaomi. This model’s distinctive feature is a steering bar in the middle, which helps keep the balance and ensures easy control when riding.

Beginners can easily master the riding mechanics – advanced embedded algorithms and sensors continuously monitor body position, at the same time maintaining balance and speed.

This hoverboard can ride at speeds of up to 16 kmph and has a range over 20 km on a single charge. The device weighs mere 12.8 kg.

By the way, the hoverboard status may be monitored remotely via a special app that provides speed, troubleshooting, and battery level information.

Estimated price: UAH16,000…17,000.

DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter. This new product will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and travellers. It has been specifically designed for high quality 4K videos.

The device is equipped with a 12MP camera that can shoot at a 6,000 metre altitude and fly at speeds of up to 72 kmph.

In addition, this quadcopter has an integrated gimbal, a visual tracking feature, and can fly around obstacles.

Estimated price: above UAH40,000.