Ship now from the USA to Ukraine for only UAH 12

Unitrade Express offers new opportunities for shopping in the US stores.

Unitrade Express Company announces the regular tariff reduction by 30%. Now shipping from all US stores will cost only $4.99* per kg of the actual weight.

From now on every Ukrainian will be able to order, for example, on Amazon, and get an ordinary T-shirt delivered for only UAH 12!

This offer is really interesting for customers, as this tariff is much lower compared to those on the market today.

“Our goal is to provide all residents of Ukraine with the possibility to purchase, and then quickly and cheaply receive the goods from the most popular trade platforms of the world, – says Denis Kubrak, Head of Unitrade Express. – We are aware of a significant difference between the US and Ukrainian prices, daily promotions and discounts for the best brands, and we are ready to serve as a guide for Ukrainians in the world of real shopping”.

As Denys Kubrak states, tariff reduction is now possible due to bilateral partnership agreements and the company’s own international infrastructure: “We have been preparing for this event for almost a year: we have opened a warehouse in the United States, set up IT systems, held lengthy negotiations and carried out a lot of preliminary works”.

What are other advantages except tariff $4.99?

“Today, on the market of delivery services from the United States, none of the carriers (even large ones) provides its customers with a complete range of services and there are always limitations, – says Yaroslav Hubenko, Marketing Director of Unitrade Express. - In Unitrade Express, we put a stake on the full range of services for a customer’s benefit. They include redemption of lots and goods, splitting and consolidation of orders, insurance of all parcels, as well as free shipment in Ukraine. Shopping in the US stores has become as simple and safe for Ukrainians as in any online shop in Ukraine.”


“The most common concerns when shopping in stores abroad is the fear of losing the order, getting “the wrong” product or in “improper” condition. We have solved these problems by means of insurance: our customers are guaranteed to receive their orders, and in controversial situations they may always claim a refund", - explains Yaroslav Hubenko.

Consumer Protection Program developed by Unitrade Express Company involves insurance of the full value of all goods since the date of ordering. In case of any difficulties with the goods, the company takes the responsibility of settling dispute with the store/retailer or simply refunds money to the customer. The cost of this service is only 1% of the order, but you can be 100% confident of the safety of your purchase.

Payment for the actual weight

Customers pay only for the actual weight of goods, they won’t have to pay for “air delivery” and package branding. If it is a fragile product, the package will be carefully rewrapped.

It should be noted that the cost is calculated for every 100 grams of weight and delivery of light items in small quantities will be much more advantageous than existing proposals.

Order checking in the US warehouse

Before shipment, the customer can order a product testing service for compliance with its declared specifications and configuration. If after the arrival of the order to our warehouse in the United States, there are some nonconformities with the declared specifications or the product for some reason does not meet the customer’s demands, the service is responsible for the procedure of sending it back to the seller, exchanging or refunding money to the customer.

Order tracking and customer support

Each customer can at any time track his/her order, and the experts of the company will answer any additional questions in real time.

“Today, we provide two types of services. The first one is Mail Forwarding, when the address of our warehouse in the United States is used for subsequent shipment of orders to Ukraine. The second one is purchase, inspection and delivery of “turn-key” orders service, when our managers receive a link to the goods of interest from a customer, and after 7-9 days they are delivered to the customer in Ukraine without any additional expenses for the customer,” - says Denys Kubrak.

All in all, considering Unitrade Express as a shopping service abroad, the US market offers really fantastic opportunities for shopping and delivery of goods to Ukraine.


* Calculation is made for every 100 grams of the actual weight.