In six months of operation, Unitrade Express delivers 5,000 parcels to Ukrainians

Unitrade Group holding company that comprises, an electronics retail centre, Udicom, a wholesale electronics supplier to Ukraine, and Service Master, is developing its Unitrade Express business of shipping consumer goods from abroad.

As Denis Kubrak, Unitrade Express’s CEO tells us, more than 5,000 people used his company’s services in the last six months, and each month the project grows by 200-300%

— What does it take to launch a project like this?

— Launching this kind of project is not too costly, although it rather requires knowledge of the market and logistics, as well as the ability to configure business processes. All we needed was a website, a small structure in Ukraine and in the U.S., and a lot of desire.

— Please tell us about the project’s results.

— In almost six months, we made 5,000 deliveries to customers throughout Ukraine.

— How long does it take to deliver parcels and what are the options for buyers?

— We offer two shipping modes: by air and by sea. Air delivery takes between 5 and 7 days from the arrival of goods at our warehouse; sea delivery takes about a month, although goods in the U.S. may travel for at least a week, so, on the average, it’s between 12 and 14 days by air and 40 days by sea.

— How do logistics operate in the U.S.? Are there any advantages?

— Logistics in the U.S. are significantly different from those that we grew accustomed to in Ukraine. For example, here any online store is capable of delivering goods within one or two days, while over there waiting for a week is standard practice. After all, fast delivery costs tons of money by our standards.